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2018 Church History Symposium - CALL FOR PAPERS
2018 Church History Symposium - CALL FOR PAPERS

John Whitmer Historical Association 2017 Conference
John Whitmer Historical Association 2017 Conference

2017 Annual Conference Call for Papers

“Restoration Diaspora: All Roads Lead from Nauvoo”

September 21 – 24, 2017

Joseph Smith Historic Site, Nauvoo, IL

NAUVOO, ILLINOIS is without doubt one of the most important locations of the early Restoration church.   To here, the saints gathered from 1839 to 1844, and even later.  Here their dreams became reality as they built a city rivaled in size in Illinois at that time only by Chicago.  But after the assassination of founder Joseph Smith Jr. in June 1844, the dreams of many were shattered.  Yet before long, various groups emerged and dispersed to re-create and re-live those dreams, albeit in differing, varied forms.  In a very real sense, we all come from the cradle of Nauvoo.

Proposals related to the conference theme, “Restoration Diaspora:  All Roads Lead from Nauvoo,” are encouraged and may be given preference over other topics.  The committee would like to see proposals on topics related to Nauvoo, its citizens, its issues, its sequelae to the present day, providing a historical theme to each session.  The verbal response to the Call for Papers has been strong already, and the committee anticipates a full program.  Reflections on other Nauvoo-era topics and figures, news in the Latter Day Saint world, and cultural studies will be considered as well.

Proposals for complete sessions are encouraged, but individual papers, panel discussions, interviews, personal essays, debates, musical presentations, and more are welcome.  A Restoration Studies Track will be included in the program with a focus on theology and culture in Community of Christ and the larger Latter Day Saint movement.

Proposals should include: title, a one-hundred word abstract, brief summary of the topic’s relevance to JWHA’s focus, list of any audio/visual equipment needs (or specify “no AV needed”), and a brief bio with contact information for the proposed presenter(s). The proposal deadline is April 6, 2017. Presenters will be expected to register, including the payment of registration fees, prior to the conference.

Please submit proposals to:

American Historical Association (AHA) Annual Meeting

Washington, DC, January 4-7, 2018

Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism in Global Perspective