Help Us Recognize the Best Work in Mormon History

Have you read something in Mormon history that was particularly noteworthy this year? Though the submission deadline for MHA awards is a few months away, now is the time to start considering who the association should recognize at our annual conference in Boise. We are anxious to highlight quality books, articles, and graduate work—with dedicated and talented people on each committee—but we are dependent on members pointing us in the right direction.

Please visit MHA’s website to see the different awards and their particular criteria. Particularly with the article categories, you do not have to be the author to submit an entry. Some authors are overly shy, and the awards committee is not omnipresent, so we appreciate help. Was there an article in Journal of Mormon History, or any other venue, that seemed especially worthy of notice? Please submit it.

Also, a note to professors: do you have, or do you know, graduate students whose work deals with Mormonism? Please encourage them to submit their work to our dissertation, thesis, and unpublished paper awards.

Please send inquiries and nominations to the following:

Book awards—Tona Hangen:

Article awards—Sheree Bench:

Graduate student work awards—Matt Godfrey: