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Announcing New Journal of Mormon History Editor

The MHA Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Jessie Embry has been appointed editor of the Journal of Mormon History.

Embry recently retired as the Associate Director of the Redd Center for Western History at Brigham Young University.  She is the author or editor of twenty-one books, mostly in Mormon and western history. Among them are Mormon Polygamous Families: Life in the Principle, published by the University of Utah Press, in 1987 and reissused by Greg Kofford Books in 2009.  Most recently she completed Immigrants in the Far West: Historical Identities and Experiences, coedited with Brian Q. Cannon and published by the University of Utah Press.

Embry has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to recovering grassroots non-institutional voices and experiences, including extensive experience in oral history.  She believes strongly in comparative history and placing historical events in a larger context.  She desires making connections with wide-ranging conversations that will enrich both Mormon history and broader fields of historical inquiry.

As editor of the John Whitmer Historical Association Journal for four years, as editor of several major volumes of collected essays published by University of Utah Press, Utah State University Press, and University of Arizona Press, and in her service on the editorial boards of the Western Historical Quarterly, Restoration Studies, and Mormon Historical Studies, Embry has earned a reputation for perceptive content editing, conscientiousness, and efficiency. Her long service has been recognized by a Friends of the Humanities Award from the Utah Endowment for the Humanities in 2002, and the Leonard J. Arrington Award for a Distinctive Contribution to the Cause of Mormon History from MHA in 2004.  At its latest annual meeting, the Utah State Historical Society honored Embry with a special citation for her contributions to Utah history.

As a recent retiree, Embry looks forward to devoting her time and energy to the JMH.  As a long-time member of MHA she feels a deep commitment to JMH and its mission of being the preeminent journal worldwide in the field of Mormon history.

Embry succeeds Martha Taysom, whose second four year term as editor is coming to an end.  While Taysom oversees the completion of several issues that are currently already in stages of production, persons wishing to submit new articles for publication should send them to Embry at .

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