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Membership Benefits

Membership in the Mormon History Association entitles you to:

  • The quarterly Journal of Mormon History featuring articles and book reviews by leading writers and scholars.
  • An invitation and information to attend the annual Mormon History Conference featuring distinguished speakers and tours to historic sites.
  • An association with people who share an interest in the rich and fascinating Mormon past.

Trouble renewing your MHA membership online?

This is a one-time procedure necessary for getting previous accounts onto a new system that uses personal passwords.Once set-up, you won’t have to adjust the password setting unless you prefer.The new system allows members to log in and check their account status. When accounts are set to expire or are eligible for renewal, a special “Renew Now”button on the user account screen appears, which takes you to the renewal form.Follow these steps to set up your personal password: 

First, visit the member login page:

Next, click the link titled “Forgot Password.” This will present you with a field where you can enter the email address associated with your account. When you click on “Send Reset Link,” an email will be sent to the address you entered with a special secure link to a configuration screen.

Follow the link provided in the email to the configuration screen and enter your preferred email address and password. The email address can be the same as the one you entered on the“Forgot Password” screen. This will be your user name for logging into your MHA account. Once you’ve configured your email and password, submit the form. You should now be able to log into your account.

Go back to the member login page, enter your account email address and password, and click “Log In.” You’ll then see your account with several tabs. The “Billing” tab contains a status report on your membership and will provide you with a renewal button whenever your account is eligible for renewal. Click that button to bring up the renewal form. From there, you should be able to choose a membership plan and enter your credit card information. You can access this tab at any time to check your account status or transaction receipts. Once your membership dues are received and your account is active, the “Billing” tab will display the renewal button when the next renewal period opens or when your account expires.

Annual Membership Categories

(Memberships run for one year. All memberships are in U.S. dollars.)

Digital-Only Membership (U.S. and International): $25

Digital-only memberships receive access to the quarterly issues of the Journal of Mormon History through Utah State University Digital Commons and to the quarterly MHA News posted on the MHA website; periodic email "Updates"; and the member rate for the annual MHA conferences.

Individual Membership: $60

Individual members are mailed copies of the quarterly issues of the Journal of Mormon History;  digital access to the most recent and past issues of the Journal of Mormon History through Utah State University Digital Commons; periodic email "Updates;" and the member rate for the annual MHA conferences.

Joint Membership with Spouse/Partner: $70

Shares individual member benefits with their spouse/partner.

Student Membership: $30

Enjoys the same benefits as Individual members. Must be a degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate student.

Institutional Membership: $80

Institutional members, such as libraries and other repositories, are mailed the quarterly issue of the Journal of Mormon History.  

Sponsoring Memberships

We appreciate these generous contributions that help underwrite MHA's work.

Sustaining: $125

Enjoys the same benefits as Individual or Joint members.

Patron: $250

Enjoys the same benefits as Individual or Joint members.

Donor: $500

Enjoys the same benefits as Individual or Joint members.

International Memberships

International Memberships are the same cost and receive the same benefits as the U.S. domestic memberships, with the addition of $30 (U.S.) for international postage.

Individual Membership: $90

Joint Membership: $100

Student Membership: $60

Institutional Membership: $110

Privacy Policy Statement

Privacy is one of the most important services the Mormon History Association (MHA) provides its members. The safeguarding of your information is a priority to us and applies to all members, past and present. The information we collect from members includes name, address, contact numbers, email address, credit card numbers, and employment information. MHA uses this information to maintain contact with its members and to send out Journals, newsletters, conference information, and any other pieces of information we deem important for our members to receive. Employment information is used in seeking academic and professional help with organizational matters pertaining to MHA.

Because of privacy interests, we DO NOT sell our membership list or membership information to any other organization, commercial or otherwise.